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All about HTML Editors

What is an editor

We all write emails and messages to our friends and family members whether on Whatsapp or outlook. It is all done inside a text box where we type the message.

Similarly, for writing the HTML or other codes for your website we need to use a kind of editor that is easily understandable by the computer and smooth execution can we done so we can get the desired output.

For that purpose we use Text Editors for writing our HTML codes. Now, you may find lots of beautiful and smart editors in order to write your HTML codes and execute them. Here we will discuss a few based on their popularity and features.

Top 5 Text editors suitable for programming

Visual Studio Code

One of the popular and user-friendly text editor for writing and executing your codes in Website Development.

Visual Studio Code comes up with numerous user-friendly and cool features to make your code writing exciting as well as helpful. You can find various cool themes and command pelletes to make your coding experience cool and colorful. It will give you a real-life coder like experience.

Another light weight code editor for writing programmable codes, Sublime Text comes with a free as well as a paid version both having unique features. 

The primary benefit is that Sublime Text offers shortcuts and search tools for immediately finding certain functions and making changes to multiple lines at once. Jumping to specific symbols or words takes only a few seconds. This text editor runs on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s also cross-platform, so one license will work on all of your devices–no need to purchase more.

A very popular and well-known Open Source Text editor with smooth functionality and easy to use. Atom provides clear collaboration options, a stylish editor, and some great organizing tools for keeping your projects in check. An experienced developer should have no trouble using it. All of your projects can be shared and changed in real time, which is useful for remote teams or teams that just need a more focused workplace. Additionally, the text editor Atom already comes with a GitHub package. Your team will be able to design anything in a single interface, from branches to stages.

Notepad++, which is debatably the most widely used sophisticated text editor on the market, comes in a small package with no fees and strong editing features. Since it is distributed under a General Public License, anyone who develops software or creates content can use the text editor immediately after a brief download. Notepad++ is a text editor that runs on Microsoft Windows and aims to be more energy-efficient than other text editors.

The fact that Notepad++ has already been translated into more than 80 languages makes it one of the things that sets it apart and gives people all around the world access to it. If your language isn’t included in the list of translations, you can also translate Notepad++ into your native tongue.

The HTML Editor in CoffeeCup offers incredibly sophisticated text editing for managing code and entire web design. The editor offers a free trial, but in order to use it after that, you must pay a one-time cost of $49 for it. There is a completely free version as well, although it has a lot fewer functionality.

Although CoffeeCup works well for producing HTML documents, you should think twice before using it with many other programming languages. However, if you’re only learning a programming language like HTML or PHP, it makes sense to use CoffeeCup.

In our upcoming posts we will be coming up with more content about HTML, wherein we will be explaining about other elements and tags related to HTML and many more.
Till then you can check out our other posts.